• 3 PEPTIDES Eye cream

    3 PEPTIDES Eye cream 15 ml

    Biologically active skin care formula for a rested, visibly rejuvenated look! It revives the youthful potential for skin cell regeneration, increases the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and improves the quality of the papillary dermis. As a result, crow’s feet are reduced (−32.9%) and the skin around the eyes is visibly toned (+15.5%)*. By stimulating microcirculation in the skin, along with its intensive anti-oedemic and drainage effect, it also combats eye puffiness, bags and dark circles.

    *in vivo study on 23 volunteers after 56 days of twice daily use

    After cleansing and toning, apply the cream to the skin around the eyes and rub in gently. For home use apply the cream morning and evening; for professional use apply at the end of a treatment.

    • + ANTI dark circles & eye bags
    • paraben & paraffin & silicone FREE
  • COLLAGEN CMF Eye cream

    COLLAGEN CMF Eye cream 15 ml

    Abundantly moisturizes and maintains moisture in the skin for a long time, stimulates collagen formation, and improves blood circulation in the skin, which in turn reduces dark circles. Immediately after the first cream application, wrinkles are less visible and the skin is silky smooth and beautifully tight. After three weeks of daily care the skin is revitalized, firm and much more resistant.

    In the morning and in the evening, gently massage the cream into your skin below the eyes and on the eyelids. The cream can also be used as a mask by applying it in a thicker layer and then massaging it into your skin after 20 minutes.

    • long-term moisturization & collagen stimulation
    • paraffin FREE
  • NEURO-SENSITIVE Soothing eye cream

    NEURO-SENSITIVE Soothing eye cream 15 ml

    Moisturising neurocosmetic formula for the minimum encumbrance and maximum comfort of low-tolerance skin. It contains biomimetic pentapeptide, which reduces the activation of hyper-reactive receptors in the epidermis, soothing skin discomfort.

    After every cleansing. Home use: may be used several times a day – whenever the skin needs hydrating.

    • for all types of sensitive skin
    • biomimetic pentapeptid & provitamin B5
    • hipoallergenic formulas
    • dermatologically tested
    • 0% perfumes & silicones & colorants & alcohol
    • Vegan
  • PURE GOLD 24 Ka Luxury Eye Cream

    PURE GOLD 24 Ka Luxury Eye Cream 15 ml

    Luxurious rejuvenating formula with particles of pure gold and ceramides stimulates regeneration of the skin around the eyes, significantly improves its structure and has an antioxidant effect. It firms the skin around the eyes, visibly smoothens existing lines and wrinkles and slows down the formation of new lines. For a reborn look without pronounced lines and wrinkles, for the ”golden years” of all skin types.

    Using gentle circular motions, apply the cream to cleansed and toned skin around the eyes every morning and evening.

    • intense anti-wrinkle treatment
    • paraben & silicone FREE

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