• 3 PEPTIDES Ampoules

    3 PEPTIDES Ampoules – 5*1,5 ml

    Highly concentrated drops of cellular active ingredients with the ultimate anti-age effect! They boost cell proliferation, stimulate the formation of ”youth proteins” and restore the original structure of fibres of the papillary dermis. This slows the skin’s natural ageing process and significantly rejuvenates its dermal structure. The result is heightened skin tone and an intensive wrinkle correction effect.

    Shake the ampoule immediately before use and apply to the cleansed and toned skin of the face, neck and décolletage area. For home use rub into the skin morning and evening (one ampoule is enough for two applications) and complete the treatment by applying your chosen 3 PEPTIDES care cream or any other Afrodita Professional cream suitable for the type, age and current condition of your skin. We recommend a 5-day course of treatment to be repeated at least 3 times a year.

    • for all skin types
    • paraben & paraffin & silicone FREE
  • COLLAGEN CMF Intensive nourishing cream

    COLLAGEN CMF Intensive nourishing cream 50 ml

    Contains collagen, high-quality jojoba, avocado and wheat germ oil, and vitamin E, which stabilizes the skin’s natural balance of lipids and moisture. Restores natural skin energy, improves immune protection and slows down the skin ageing process. Immediately following the first application, the skin becomes beautifully tighter – a ”lifting effect” – and after a few days the skin becomes more firmly structured, soft and nourished. Small wrinkles disappear and larger wrinkles are visibly reduced.

    Apply the cream to cleansed and toned skin every morning and evening.

    • long-term moisturization & regeneration
    • BHT FREE
    • for extremely dry, tired and mature skin

    Multiactive fluid 100 ml

    Intensiv fuktgivande formel med vitaminkomplex och antioxidanter för att effektivt bekämpa hudens åldrande! Den biomimetiska peptiden carnosine minskar nedbrytningen av hudceller*, stimulerar produktionen av kollagen ** och ger effektivt skydd mot fria radikaler, föroreningar*och skadliga ljusspektra (UV **, IR*, *** och blått ljus*; **) . Vätskan är lätt i konsistensen och absorberas snabbt och lämnar inga feta rester.

    *In vitro -studie, ** Ex vivo -studie, *** Klinisk studie

    Applicera som bas för din valda vårdprodukt (torr hud) eller använd på egen hand (normal till fet hud).

    • anti-aging & återfuktande & snabbt absorberande formel
    • alla hudtyper
    • vegan
  • PERFECT CODE Filler-drops koncentrat

    PERFECT CODE Filler-drops koncentrat

    A unique formula with 3 biomimetic peptides for the immediate and visible filling of wrinkles! 30 MINUTES after application: up to 34.7% reduction of wrinkle length*. AFTER 5 DAYS: highly-intensified synthesis of collagen I, III and IV (up to 104%), fibronectin (up to 59%), hyaluronic acid (up to 174%), and laminin 5 (up to 75%)**. AFTER 2 MONTHS: visible lifting effect (up to 77% reduction of wrinkles), reduced wrinkle volume (up to 100%) and depth (up to 62%)***. Result: Three-dimensional wrinkle reduction – from 31% to 100%***!

    *in vivo study on 10 volunteers, results assessed 30 minutes after one application,**in vitro study, *** in vivo study on 25 volunteers, results examined after two months of twice-daily use

    • 60 % peptide complex
    • dermatologically tested
    • vegan
    • all skin types
  • PURE GOLD 24 Ka Luxury ANTI-AGE Elixir

    PURE GOLD 24 Ka Luxury ANTI-AGE Elixir 30 ml

    How it works and results:

    Contains particles of pure gold which stimulate communication between skin cells. The high concentration of liposomal form isoflavones stimulates collagen production and skin regeneration. As a result, it smoothens existing wrinkles, firms your skin and gives it an up to 5 year younger appearance*! For independent normal to oily skin care or as a base for a cream, for dry skin.

    In case of dry to normal skin, apply the Luxury Anti-Age Elixir to cleansed and toned skin every morning and evening. After it has been absorbed, apply the selected skin care cream. In case of normal to oily skin, use the Elixir on its own.

    • Face, neck & decollete
    • intense anti-wrinkle treatment
    • paraben, paraffin & silicone FREE”

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