• Dubbelt vaxvärmare 5 + 5 kg


    Double wax heater 5 + 5 kg

    Code: XU2252 – without trolley and tap
    Code: XU2251 – provided with trolley and tap

    Wax heater with 2 communicating heaters. Designed for hot wax. Equipped with 2 independent temperature regulators and one tap to collect the wax. Placed on an adjustable support, it can be easily moved thanks to a base with wheels. Compact and solid, it is made of steel sheet. 2000W power each.

    Capacity: 5+5 Kg.

    Colour: white.

    Voltage supply: 230V, 50/60 Hz

    Priset inkluderar moms 25%.

    Dubbelt vaxvärmare 5 + 5 kg

    9995 kr14445 kr

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