• 3 PEPTIDES 3D Rejuvenating mask

    3 PEPTIDES 3D Rejuvenating mask -150 ml

    Works at the cellular level, reviving their youthful potential! Ageing skin starts acting as though it were younger – its cells dividing faster and synthesizing more dermal proteins, which are essential for regenerating the extracellular matrix. The result: a three-dimensional rejuvenating effect which can be seen and felt through a (1) much firmer tone, (2) improved elasticity and (3) smoothed wrinkles.

    Apply the mask generously to cleansed and toned skin, leave to work for approx. 15 minutes and then rinse off with water.

    • for all skin types
    • TONUS & ELASTICITY & WRINKLES correcting
    • paraben & paraffin & silicone FREE
  • ART of SPA Yoghurt / Mask for face & body GRAPES

    ART of SPA Yoghurt / Mask for face & body GRAPES 200 ml

    After showering or while in the sauna, apply the GRAPE face and body yoghurt with grape seed oil and grape extract to your skin as an active rejuvenating mask, and rinse off after 3 to 15 min. The heat stimulates the pores to open and allows active ingredients to efficiently penetrate the skin, which is left rejuvenated, soft to the touch and nicely scented after use. Do not ingest.

    Apply the face and body yoghurt to your skin as an active rejuvenating mask, and rinse off after 3 to 15 min.

    • 0 % silicone & paraffin & artificial colours
    • REGENERATIVE CARE for all skin types
  • BRILLIANT Beauty sleep mask

    BRILLIANT Beauty sleep mask 50 ml

    Night dermocosmetic care for skin that is visibly firmer and smoother in the morning! Its highly nourishing formula supports the natural cycle of skin regeneration during sleep, intensifies synthesis of the structural molecules of the dermis (collagen I: +35%, hyaluronic acid: +14%, fibronectin: +18%*) and thoroughly rejuvenates the skin. From the inside out!

    *in vitro study

    Before sleep first apply Youth Serum to the skin, then massage in the mask. Do not rinse off. In the case of extremely dry skin, we advise using the mask as a care cream.

    • for dry to normal skin
    • for face & neck & decollete
    • leave-on night treatment
    • biologically active peptides & rose hip oil
    • hypoallergenic perfume
    • science of dermocosmetics
    • for impressive rejuvenating effects
  • HYALURON Hydro maska

    HYALURON Hydro maska 200 ml

    The mask is designed for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin exposed to stress or excessive sun, with no tone, sagging skin and skin with deep wrinkles. The mask has a light, gentle texture for easy application to the skin and an extreme moisturising effect. It protects the skin against moisture loss, supplies it with important vitamins, stimulates its regeneration, forms a protective lipid layer identical to the skin’s own, improves its natural protective function and stimulates the immune system of skin cells. After using the mask, the skin is moisturised, firm and looks beautifully radiant and healthy. The skin’s protective function as well as its elasticity and firmness are improved, and it becomes less sensitive and visibly rejuvenated.

    HYALURON Hydro maska

    495 kr585 kr


    An innovative bio-active enzyme formula ensures a significant improvement in the skin’s appearance even after the first application – smoother and softer skin after jut 1 night*! Regular use reduces irregularities on the skin’s surface** and evens out skin tone***, leaving the skin softer and visibly smoother***.

    Result: rejuvenated and refreshed skin!

    1. For a glamorous, “wow” effect, apply the mask to cleansed and toned skin and leave on for 20 minutes; wipe off the residue if necessary and apply Filler-drops concentrate and Essence to the cleansed skin.
    2. For intensive overnight treatment, apply and leave on overnight.

    • overnight ”New skin effect”
    • innovative bio-active enzyme formula
    • ”leave-on” formula
    • all skin types
  • PURE GOLD 24 Ka Luxury mask

    150 ml

    he luxury mask is intended for the care of tired facial skin, as well as skin on the neck and décolletage. A dazzling combination of pure gold and isoflavones stimulates the regeneration of dry, mature skin marked by environmental stress factors. Combined with the precious PURE GOLD 24 Ka ampoule, it helps fortify your skin’s protective function and, by supplying active ingredients, increasing its moistness, vitality and elasticity. Application of the mask and a luxurious massage will leave your skin glowing with an incredibly firm, fresh and rejuvenated appearance with no pronounced lines or wrinkles.

    Apply PURE GOLD 24 Ka mask in a thick layer to cleansed and toned skin. Let it work for 20 minutes and gently rub the mask residue into the skin or wipe it off.

    • gold & isoflavones
    • intense anti-wrinkle treatment
    • paraben & silicone FREE
  • WIN UP-LIFT Frozen mask

    WIN UP-LIFT Frozen mask 150 ml

    • refined icy texture with refreshing effect for instant invigoration and an incredible lifting effect! With ice wine and provitamin B5, visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles (-13%)* and significantly increases hydration of the skin (+50.9%)**. Awakens energy, firms tired, dehydrated skin and calms sensitive skin.

    *in vivo study on 22 volunteers 30 minutes after one application
    **in vivo study on 20 volunteers after 28 days of twice-daily use

    Apply to the cleansed, degreased and toned skin of the face, neck and chest. Home use: leave the mask to work for up to 30 minutes; professional use: leave for at least 20 minutes. While the mask is working, spray intensively with Win Up-Lift Refreshing mist to multiply and enhance results. Then rinse off with water and finish the treatment by applying Win Up-Lift Rejuvenating Elixir and Moisturising/Nourishing Cream or other Afrodita Professional care product suitable for the type, age and current condition of the skin. For a more intense cooling effect, keep the mask in the fridge.

    • instant lifting & hydro booster
    • for all skin types
    • swiss ice wine & provitamin B5
    • paraben & paraffin & alcohol FREE
    • VEGAN

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