PERFECT CODE Essence 30 ml

    A combination of highly concentrated dermo-cosmetic ingredients which activate skin cells and cause them to behave as though they were younger! Has a triple moisturising effect and provides effective ANTI-POLLUTION protection.

    AFTER 1 HOUR: better moisturised skin (42%), with 31%* less pronounced wrinkles.

    AFTER 3 DAYS (in vitro): substantially increased synthesis of collagen (49%) and hyaluronic acid (46%)**.

    AFTER 2 MONTHS: deleyed chronological ageing and photoageing and rejuvenation of the papillary dermis by as much as 5.5 years***.

    *in vivo study on 15 volunteers, **in vitro study on a culture of fibroblasts after a 72-hour incubation, *** in vivo study on 28 volunteers, results examined after two months of twice-daily use

    Apply to cleansed and toned skin after using the Filler-drops concentrate or before applying the care product of your choice. It can be used as a stand-alone product for normal to combination skin, and is also an excellent make-up fundation.

    • highly concentrated formula
    • advanced H2O technology
    • Anti-pollution action
    • for normal to combination skin.

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