• CLEAN UP Cleansing foam Chamomile

    CLEAN UP Cleansing foam Chamomile 200 ml

    Thoroughly cleanses and degreases your skin without drying it out. It calms the skin and has a mild antiseptic effect. The foam also efficiently removes eye make-up and does not irritate the eyes. Suitable for all types of sensitive skin.

    Gently rub the foam into the skin every every morning and evening. Then rinse off with warm water and tone the skin with tonic.

    • for all types of sensitive skin
    • paraben & paraffin & silicone FREE

    CLEAN UP EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER Hyaluron 125 ml

    Highly tolerated by the sensitive eye area, it removes waterproof make-up quickly and without rubbing. With 100% natural hyaluronic acid ( 20─50 kDa), which hydrates the skin around the eyes. It is not suitable for false eyelashes.

    Shake before use, apply to a cotton ball and cleanse the eye area.

    • advanced two-stage formula
    • DOUBLE EFFECT: cleansing & moisturising
    • also removes waterproof make-up
    • 100% natural hyaluronic acid
    • for all skin types
    • vegan


  • CLEAN UP HYALURON Cleansing milk

    CLEAN UP HYALURON Cleansing milk 200 ml

    Contains a patented 100% natural hyaluronic acid with a low molecular mass and deep action. It thoroughly removes make-up and cleanses the skin, preparing it for further care.

    Evenly apply the milk to your skin and massage for a while so that the active ingredients can bind with the impurities. After rinsing with warm water, it is essential to repeatedly tone your skin with Clean Up HYALURON Hydro Tonic.

    • safe for all skin types
    • cleansing & make-up removal
    • FACE & EYES
    • paraben & paraffin & silicone FREE
    • hypoallergenic perfume

    CLEAN UP HYDRO TONIK Hyaluron 190 ml

    Contains patented 100% natural hyaluronic acid (20─50 kDa)which provides intensive and long-term hydration to deeper skin layers. It creates a natural pH balance and prepares the skin optimally for further care.

    Apply it after every cleansing, and, if necessary, several times throughout the day.

    • intense hydration
    • 100% natural hyaluronic acid
    • all skin types
    • hypoallergenic perfume
    • VEGAN
  • PEEL RE-NEW Cleansing foam

    PEEL RE-NEW Cleansing foam 200 ml

    Removes facial and eye make-up, and thoroughly cleanses and degreases your skin. It maintains the skin’s natural pH balance and does not dry it out.

    Suitable for daily use in the morning and evening throughout the year

    • coco-glucosides
    • pH 5.5
    • paraffin & silicone & BHT FREE
    • for professional & home use
    • for all skin types
    • »RE-NEW« EFFECT: REMOVES impurities & excess sebum & make-up.


  • PURE SKIN Foam

    PURE SKIN Foam 200 ml

    Gentle but effective formula with tea tree essential oil, care complex and bio-active lactic acid to eliminate excess sebum from the skin and cleanse it thoroughly without irritating it or drying it out.

    Apply to face, neck and décolleté area (also to problem areas on the back), massage in gently and rinse off with lukewarm water. Recommended for daily use in the morning and evening.

    • skin perfecting therapy
    • for oily and impure skin
    • cleansing and sebum-inhibiting effect
    • 0% alcohol, SLS & SLES
    • dermatologically tested formula
    • vegan

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