• PERFECT CODE Filler-drops koncentrat

    PERFECT CODE Filler-drops koncentrat

    A unique formula with 3 biomimetic peptides for the immediate and visible filling of wrinkles! 30 MINUTES after application: up to 34.7% reduction of wrinkle length*. AFTER 5 DAYS: highly-intensified synthesis of collagen I, III and IV (up to 104%), fibronectin (up to 59%), hyaluronic acid (up to 174%), and laminin 5 (up to 75%)**. AFTER 2 MONTHS: visible lifting effect (up to 77% reduction of wrinkles), reduced wrinkle volume (up to 100%) and depth (up to 62%)***. Result: Three-dimensional wrinkle reduction – from 31% to 100%***!

    *in vivo study on 10 volunteers, results assessed 30 minutes after one application,**in vitro study, *** in vivo study on 25 volunteers, results examined after two months of twice-daily use

    • 60 % peptide complex
    • dermatologically tested
    • vegan
    • all skin types

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