• COLLAGEN CMF Intensive nourishing cream

    COLLAGEN CMF Intensive nourishing cream 50 ml

    Contains collagen, high-quality jojoba, avocado and wheat germ oil, and vitamin E, which stabilizes the skin’s natural balance of lipids and moisture. Restores natural skin energy, improves immune protection and slows down the skin ageing process. Immediately following the first application, the skin becomes beautifully tighter – a ”lifting effect” – and after a few days the skin becomes more firmly structured, soft and nourished. Small wrinkles disappear and larger wrinkles are visibly reduced.

    Apply the cream to cleansed and toned skin every morning and evening.

    • long-term moisturization & regeneration
    • BHT FREE
    • for extremely dry, tired and mature skin
  • HYALURON 24H CREAM dry skin

    HYALURON 24H CREAM dry skin 50 ml

    It moisturises with a long-term effect, protects against moisture loss (it supports skin’s ability to preserve moisture), supplies the skin with important vitamins, stimulates the production and growth of the basic elements of the dermal matrix (fibroblasts, collagen) and stimulates skin regeneration.
    Result: with use, the skin’s protective function as well as its elasticity and firmness will improve. After application, the skin is moisturised, firm, smooth, looking radiant and healthy.

    24hr Cream is intended for normal – combination skin care or as a base for dry skin in the facial, neck and décolletage area, for the care of dehydrated skin, skin with no tone and tired, sagging skin with expressed wrinkles (mature skin).

    Use the cream as stand-alone 24h skin care every morning and evening on well cleansed and toned skin. In case of extremely dehydrated skin, mature skin with a weakened protective function or for night skin care we recommend a thicker application.

    • dry skin
    • long-lasting hydration & firming
    • paraben free
  • HYALURON 24H CREAM normal to combination skin

    HYALURON 24H CREAM normal to combination skin 50 ml

    Its effect is optimum and long-lasting moisturising in deeper skin layers. It stimulates the production of vital cells that form the two key proteins in your skin: collagen and elastin. It provides skin protection against stress and other harmful environmental factors.

    Result: the very first application leaves the skin beautifully smooth without an oily shine and a few days later the skin is still nicely smooth, has an improved moisture balance and is also firmer. Each application visibly improves the skin’s condition. Clinical trials prove that after use, your skin is noticeably more moisturised, firmer, smoother and improved in tone.

    24hr Cream is intended for normal – combination skin care or as a base for dry skin in the facial, neck and décolletage area, for the care of dehydrated skin, skin with no tone and tired, sagging skin with expressed wrinkles (mature skin).
    Apply the cream to cleansed and toned skin for 24-hour care.

    • normal to combination skin
    • long-lasting hydration & firming
    • paraben free
  • HYDRO CONTROL Moisturising cream

    HYDRO CONTROL Moisturising cream 50 ml

    The Moisturising Cream has a mild antibacterial and astringent effect, and regulates the natural balance of the oils and moisture in the skin. Its Amazonian complex brings together active ingredients from the rainforest, which work as a set of powerful antioxidants, reduce inflammatory processes, regulate sebum secretion and prevent spots and whiteheads. The cream stimulates the skin regeneration process and protects against dehydration and the harmful effects of UV rays.

    The cream is suitable for everyday oily skin care. It is especially recommended as day care during and after special care with fruit acids in the cosmetic salon, because it retains optimum moisture levels and provides the skin with lasting beauty and sheen.

    • sebum phyto balance
    • dermatologically tested
  • PURE GOLD 24 Ka Luxury day cream

    50 ml

    The cream is intended for the care of normal, combination and dry skin. The cream contains the luxury of pure gold which, in combination with isoflavones, visibly improves your skin’s structure and supports its regenerative ability, which is shown by smoothed facial lines and wrinkles, and visibly improved tone. This exquisite care leaves your skin rejuvenated and looking dazzlingly beautiful.

    Apply the cream to cleansed and toned skin every morning and evening.

    • intense anti-wrinkle treatment
    • paraben & paraffin & silicone FREE
  • PURE OXYGEN Energizing day cream

    PURE OXYGEN Energizing day cream 50 ml

    By working at the cellular level, this moisturising and refreshing oxygen care regenerates the skin from inside out! Its bioactive Fiflow BB61 technology improves oxygen supply to the skin, stimulates its detoxification and instantly invigorates the metabolic activity of skin cells. This not only improves the skin’s appearance but also benefits its overall function and structure! The skin regains a healthier and much more rested look, is visibly rejuvenated, and its ageing is decelerated.

    Suitable for: all types of skin on the face, neck and upper chest, especially for inactive, tired and puffy skin lacking in oxygen; skin of smokers; skin exposed to a polluted urban environment, and skin subject to premature ageing as a result of external factors and/or genetic causes.

    Apply the cream every morning (and during the day, if required) to thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of the face, neck and upper chest, and gently rub it in with the tips of your fingers. If so required (for combination to oily skin, prone to impurities), it may also be used for night care. For dry to normal skin, treat the skin with Vita Derma Anti-Stress Serum / Vita Derma Multi-Active Anti-Age Fluid / Gold 24 Ka Luxury Anti-Age Elixir (select according to current skin condition) before applying the cream.

    • non-comedogenic
    • all skin types
    • boosting skin cell activity
    • fiflow BB61 & pea extract
    • paraben & paraffin FREE
  • PURE SKIN ZnO Cream

    PURE SKIN ZnO Cream 30 ml

    Reduces sebaceous gland hyperactivity, soothes the skin and has a mild antibacterial effect.

    After applying Pure Skin Solution Skin Pore Minimising Fluid, apply a thin layer and leave to absorb. Alternatively, apply topically to problem areas. Recommended for daily use in the morning and evening.

    • skin perfecting therapy
    • for impure, acne-prone skin
    • antibacterial and calming effect
    • 0% alcohol & synthetic fragrances
    • dermatologically tested formula
    • suitable for topical application


    PURE SKIN ZnO Cream

    149 kr189 kr
  • WIN UP-LIFT Moisturising cream

    WIN UP-LIFT Moisturising cream  50 ml

    med isvin, en rik källa till polyfenoler, jämnar ut och stärker huden! Kliniskt bevisat att synligt minska djupet på rynkor på några minuter (-13%)*, det förbättrar hudens hydratisering samtidigt **. Stimulerar hudförnyelse och ger intensivt skydd mot fuktförlust och skadliga fria radikaler och andra miljöfaktorer.

    *in vivo -studie på 22 volontärer 30 minuter efter en applikation
    ** in vivo -studie

    Efter rengöring och toning, applicera krämen på ansikte, hals och bröst och gnugga försiktigt in. Vi rekommenderar att du använder den i kombination med Win Up-Lift Rejuvenating Elixir. Hemanvändning: applicera grädden morgon och kväll; professionell användning: appliceras i slutet av behandlingen för normal till blandad hud.

    • omedelbar lyftning och hydrobooster
    • för normal till blandad hud
    • schweiziskt isvin och A -vitamin
    • paraben & paraffin & alkohol GRATIS
    • VEGAN
  • WIN UP-LIFT Nourishing cream

    WIN UP-LIFT Nourishing cream 50 ml

    • with ice wine, a rich source of polyphenols, smoothes and firms the skin! Clinically proven to visibly reduce the depth of wrinkles in minutes (-13%)*, it improves skin hydration at the same time**. The richness of natural wheat germ and grape seed oils gently nourishes and cares for even the driest skin.

    *in vivo study on 22 volunteers 30 minutes after one application
    **in vivo study

    After cleansing and toning, apply the cream to the face, neck and chest and rub in gently. We recommend using it in combination with Win Up-Lift Rejuvenating Elixir. Home use: apply the cream morning and evening; professional use: apply at the end of a treatment for dry skin.

    • instant lifting & hydro booster
    • for dry skin
    • swiss ice wine & wheat germ oil
    • paraben & paraffin & alcohol FREE

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