• PEEL RE-NEW AHA Exfoliant

    30 ml

    Penetrates deep into the pores where it has a highly cleansing, mildly antibacterial and keratolytic effect – removing dead skin cells and stimulating the formation of new ones. As a result it has an all-round ’RE-NEW’ effect: it reduces the occurrence of impurities, tightens dilated pores and refreshes your complexion, making your skin look rejuvenated. After use, the condition of oily skin may at first get worse – this is a normal reaction and results from intensive skin cleansing, which calls for further product use.

    Suitable for cleansing and revitalising all skin types and especially recommended for improving the condition of oily, impure skin.

    NOT SUITABLE for persons allergic to salicylates (aspirin) andfor the care of skin with active acne.

    NOT SUITABLE for use in combination with the Vita Derma Acne Ampoule.


    PEEL-NEW products (except the cleansing foam) ARE NOT SUITABLE:

    • for very thin and couperose skin;
    • for pregnant women, nursing mothers, chronic patients or chemotherapy patients;
    • for clients with cold sores;
    • when sunbathing and undergoing a course of dermatological therapy;
    • one week after depilation, microdermabrasion or other skin peels;
    • for skin around the eyes and areas with permanent make-up, tattoos and moles (during application, any such areas must be properly protected).

    + Do not use PEEL RE-NEW products on damaged and diseased skin.

    Consult your doctor before using any RE-NEW products alongside any medication.


    The application of PEEL RE-NEW products based on AHA and BHA acids may cause mild to moderate redness of the skin or a warm, tingling, prickling or stinging sensation on the skin. These are all normal reactions caused by the effect of the AHA/BHA acids and will soon wear off.

    • 2 % of salicylic acid
    • pH 3.4
    • paraben & paraffin & silicone & BHT FREE
    • for professional & home use
    • especially recommended for improving the condition of oily, impure skin
    • »RE-NEW« EFFECT: REDUCES impurities & RE-TIGHTENS pores & RESTORES youthful glow

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